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Expansive Cape Home

Cape Living: The Spaces in Between.

Living by the sea creates many situations for entertaining. Wouldn’t it be great to have a home that can adapt to those situations based on the number of guest, time of day or the weather? This cape style home with an expansive new addition with a not so expansive footprint makes it all happen with ease.

Whether the need is small intimate dining or an expansive table for large sit down gatherings, both can be swiftly achieved. Guest can gather around the TV with the family to watch the big game or catch up on Netflix midweek in a more intimate space surrounded by windows and another smaller fireplace.

Outdoor living spaces abound as well. How about eating outside in a well-protected pavered patio surrounded by stonewalls or up on the deck protected from winds and view of neighbors? Perhaps a retreat to the well-lighted, freestanding-screened room is the right move once the insects begin to invade. Better yet a stroll to the fire pit in the fine landscaped backyard beyond may be just thing. Don’t forget to stop at the gazebo carefully positioned further back for maximum privacy.

All of these spaces are monitored and managed from the new expanded kitchen. Conveniently located at the side door closest to the driveway, the kitchen is central to the home’s workings. A large island creates protection from guests invading the cook’s space while a remote wet bar keeps others at bay. You might enjoy lunch, lean forward for appetizers, or help out by chopping the vegetables at the island. Like the other new spaces in the home, it is what it needs to be… right now.

Expansive Cape Home

Expansive Cape Home

Michael Hally