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Connecticut Lakehouse

Some of New England’s best kept secrets might be tucked away in northeast Connecticut. Rolling farmlands, woodsy retreats and small lakes dot the country side. The lack of big industry and larger scale employers seems to keep it quaint and honest.

A client referral brought me there to this particular family who has owned a small and simple cottage on the lake for several years. Now they were ready to build their new full time home just a few lots to the east on the lake. With plenty of family around, it would be the perfect spot to settle in as children are growing up and will be headed off to different destinations soon.

When designing a home for anyone on a lake, the most important aspect is the lake itself. All rooms are organized around views and access to the lakeside. All daily activities are preformed within view of the lake, and when free time hits, it is time to make the lake another “room” in the house. There you can assemble with family and friends or just stare at the smooth horizon of water by yourself.

Here in this nicely trimmed out shingle style inspired home, occupants can move easily from kitchen to eating area to family room. The large glass doors there will unfold for a quick transition to the covered porch. Here the automated Phantom Screens will lower to keep out the insects for evening enjoyment. In daylight hours, the patio and docks are just a few short risers away at grade. Fire features, and multiple seating areas allow good vantages to enjoy the water view. Stone pavers and generous plantings create a good mix of hard and soft surfaces.

At night the homeowners will retire to the master suite located on the second floor of the oversized bay. There they have a one hundred eighty-degree view of the lake. The lights from cottages on the opposite shore will bid them goodnight, but they are sure to be out shone by the light reflected onto the lake from the early morning sun. Every morning will be a great morning to grab that cup of coffee and take in the lake in the next “room.”

Connecticut Lake house

Connecticut Lake house