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Modern Farm House: Color for living

Modern Farmhouse. The Color for Living

In the middle of prime New England apple orchard territory, our latest modern farm house is now complete. Set at the end of a long street and equal drive, the home is the crown of the hill surrounded and secured by mature trees both deciduous and pine. The white siding is capped with black standing seam metal roofing over its wide farmers porch and the subtle exclamation point doubling as a shed dormer. The home’s approach is hard to top.

The home becomes see-through once the craftsman style front door comes open. Light is a permanent resident here. The view through the home is embellished by the arched window set inside a large rear facing gable. Here an expansive vaulted ceiling is anchored about a tall stone fireplace. A stair climbs up and around to a mezzanine leading to second floor bedrooms. Within the open plan below kitchen, eating area, and dual home offices lie beneath flat ceilings on the first floor for more intimate activities.

Despite its monochromatic finishes, it is a dynamic home. It is the perfect canvas to life’s everyday antics on the interior as well as the changing seasons on the exterior. The white of winter will work just as well as the blues and greens of summer and spring, but they will pale to the flourish of fall colors all in due predictable time.

Project Highlight Video