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Seaside Escape

Master(ful) Plan

For that perfect tailored fit in any new home bring patience, time, and good planning skills to set the table. It began as an underwhelming 1970’s saltbox, but this Cape Cod home has been transformed into a comfortable vacation and a soon to be retirement home. It is sure to bring guests and family back for more time and again thanks to solid planning and attention to detail by my clients.

Built over three phases, the first phase included a modest but effective front bay and covered porch addition that brought the home to life at street side. The simple acts of entering and leaving were greatly improved, and so has pride of place. That addition and a new farmhouse kitchen made the home more enjoyable while the wheels churned in planning the next phases.

Phase two was all about spoiling the homeowners with a well outfitted primary suite that was carefully orchestrated like a good set design for a theater. What scenes unfold each day and how do the actors flow about in not-so dramatic fashion? Bed, bath, closet and laundry areas are all destinations in every daily acts. Privacy, proximity, and purpose reign, and both morning and evening routines have never been so enjoyable.

The final phase was a two-car garage with a generous garden shed and storage areas. Seated above are two spacious bedrooms with a bathroom that provides privacy and comfort to guests. The golden rule to managing guests: If your guests don’t feel comfortable, you probably will not relax either. The amenities along with the separation of spaces build that confidence of successful visits.

At the center of all of these new and renovated spaces are the outdoor living areas created. It is the focal point and the finish line for all who visit and reside. The screened porch and the open deck are easy extensions of the interior spaces, while just a few stepdown, a patio is framed by an expansive lawn and colorful plantings. I would encourage all to explore for few minutes before finding your spot. They each have splendid and natural vantage points in this relaxing home by the sea.

Seasdie escape

Seasdie escape