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Cape Cod Times: Reminiscing Forward

Your cell phone is looking forward to this weekend. Don’t forget to bring it, but pack heavy. Upstairs in the bedroom is a dresser that fits under the kneewall at the dormer. Tuck your phone between the heavy clothes you brought “just in case” and stow it away until Sunday or whatever day you see fit. Let’s go back in time. Let’s relax. Vacations are all about creating, if not reliving, great memories.

Your grandparents would have loved you to love this home. After daylight hours filled with beaching, boating and/or biking, all will convene for refreshments and dinner before splintering into night time retreats: sitting by the fire, playing cards, or revealing family secrets in the screened porch. The cleared and widened backyard is private and good for stargazing to experience that feeling of being infinitesimally small, yet surprisingly superior all at the same time.

Don’t be fooled by the premise. This home is modern. Its form is inspired by the rich architectural history of Old Kings Highway (Route 6A), but the guts are simple. Its an open plan organized for the fluidity of a happy stay. Easy transitions from privacy to public spaces and back were paramount in the design process.

Showing up with groceries or the perfect antique lamp for the upstairs hallway? You’re probably the homeowner, so pull in the garage, grab you stuff and after a few risers you’re on the first floor passing by the mudroom and pantry closet before arriving at the kitchen island. Toss you bag into the primary suite as you go by. Guests will be greeted informally on the covered porch at the front door. A gangway-inspired stairway escorts them to their staterooms on a spacious and comfort-ridden second level.

Want to be entertained? A glass of wine awaits you at the large kitchen island. The cooks are fun to watch, but you’ll eventually be drawn away by the fireplace and that quirky porthole window above it. Yes, it is lighted.

Were you at the beach? Are you covered in sand with a mild sunburn? No problem. Go around the side and use one of the dual outdoor rinse stations before heading to the screened room. A beverage will probably be handed to you through the kitchen window area. These indoors are a very close second place to that beach down the street. Perhaps you should stay out of the sun for a while anyway.


Cape Cod times

Cape Cod times